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Contents page

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For an Introduction to The Family School, look here


Finding the middle way - A communication workshop for parents - More information


For Parent Testimonials click here


Click here to download our aims, objectives, philosophy, character and features as submitted as part of our free-school funding application




Look here for the more info about some of our key features


To read our leaflet, click


The philosophy behind our educational approach can be read here


Our curriculum and child protection policies can be read or downloaded here . Other policies are available from the school.


Click here for Assessment information particulars.


How we practise this educational approach in the classroom is described here


Look for answers to parents' common concerns and questions about our educational approach here


Read a parent's perspective "Why I Chose The Family School" here


For more information how and why we try to communicate with each other in a particular way, look here


For potted biographies of who we are and why we are here, please look here


For more about membership of The Family School? Look here for practical details on enrolling and info on fees.


For more detailed answers to all sorts of frequently asked questions, look here.


Media: look here for press releases and links to press coverage of the Family School.


Links: look here for links to interesting stuff that is more or less related.


Recommended Reading List: look here for a selection of the books we like.


Quotes we like.


If you are interested in working with us: Look here for Recruitment information


If you are interested in working with us specifically as an intern please read more here


Supporters: look here for a list of lovely people and organisations that have donated money or equipment to The Family School/>here.


Our Contact details are here.



We want to hear from you! Please get in touch, with questions or anything, either by email, or by 'phone on 07989 173 391



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